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Why We Love AI

Here we all are, standing at the edge of a cliff, Looking out over the mountains, cities, and skies,Taking it all in, Breathing out and breathing in. Feeling like we’ve been here before, But even so,This time it’s different. Something fundamental has changed. The power of billions of silicon gates, Put into our hands, our minds, our imaginations.  What’s different…
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The top 5 company-growing characteristics of good managers

If you have worked for a bad manager, you will recognize all of the traits I described in my last article, The 10 most common company-killing Terribly Toxic Traits of Bad Managers. And if you are fortunate, you will leave that company for a better job, one where your boss is a joy to work…
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Are you building marketing personas with AI? Here’s how to avoid a big mistake.

AI has the unfortunate characteristic of being addictive. If you are a marketer, it can make you believe you are doing the right thing when, in fact, you have completely missed the mark. This is especially true when AI is used to build marketing personas.  Let’s think of it this way. Let’s say that you…
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AI Image Generators for B2B: Do they pass the subject matter expert test?

Like everyone else in the world right now, I’m finding ways to use AI, the latest greatest shiny object. One of the more impressive types of AI generative tools are those that create sophisticated graphics on demand. I’ve tried a number of them; so far I find myself spending more time with the “Designer” function…
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The 10 most common company-killing Terribly Toxic Traits of bad managers

After working with hundreds of companies and their leaders, I can confidently say that the number-one killer of revenue growth is a bad top boss. Bad boss characteristics demoralize, disenfranchise, discourage, and demean the best people working in the company. 
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Want to increase sales? Your own customers will show you how.

Here’s the most interesting aspect of increasing your sales: It’s way more simple than you think. The methods and messages you should use are not to be found in the latest article, book, or video—or any consultant or agency you might hire. 
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How to Grow Your Company Without Having to Guess

I can’t take credit for this headline. These words came from Vince Warnock, who interviewed me for his “Chasing The Insights” podcast a few weeks ago. Vince and I were delightfully on the same customer-pleasing track. He has some wonderful stories to tell, and yes, some great insights, and a fantastic sense of humor.
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Is your digital marketing agency ripping you off? 

Seems like a strange question for a digital marketing agency owner to ask, I guess. But we hear so many horror stories when clients come to us that I thought I could provide some useful information on this topic.
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