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How to Grow Your Company Without Having to Guess

I can’t take credit for this headline. These words came from Vince Warnock, who interviewed me for his “Chasing The Insights” podcast a few weeks ago. Vince and I were delightfully on the same customer-pleasing track. He has some wonderful stories to tell, and yes, some great insights, and a fantastic sense of humor.

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Business Success: What’s love got to do with it? Everything. 

I’m asking the same question Tina became famous for. But this time, we’re talking about success in business. Read most any textbook on growing a business and you won’t see much about “love.” On the contrary, even marketing terms such as “target market,” “shotgun approach,” and “clickbait” treat the customer as less than human, someone to be manipulated into buying whatever is being sold. 

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ChatGPT AI: What can possibly go wrong? 

There are so many people weighing in on the ChatGPT AI topic that I’m going to skip all of the “this is a life-changing technology that could ruin the world (and take everyone’s job)” chatter. And, “It could be really bad if it falls into the hands of a Bad Guy” (paraphrasing Bill Gates).

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