Recession-proof your business

Yes, it’s possible to sell & grow even during a recession

Inside this Zhivago Mini-guide you’ll discover 10 actionable steps you can take right now to make your business recession-proof and start selling again.

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A 10-Step Approach to Recession-Proof Your Business

Have your sales slowed down? Is your industry facing a recession? The business reality is that money is still flowing — and recessions are the perfect opportunity to guarantee your success in the future.
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Written by best-selling author and revenue coach, Kristin Zhivago - President and founder of Zhivago Partners

Here’s a Peek At What’s Inside

  • Not everyone is spending less in a recession
  • Don’t be afraid to move in new directions
  • Don’t think it’s all about price — it’s not
  • If they’re all moving to the left, look to the right
  • There is always money flowing
  • Don’t ignore the opportunity in current products/services

How To Sell More During A Recession

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