Web & Graphic Design

Your site – and all your other visual assets – need to meet a certain visual standard. It’s one of the first “do I stay or leave” tests. You will pass.

It’s easier than ever to create a new site, thanks to the zillions of templates out there. But you still need the help of a website graphics designer, who can make your site stand out – in a positive way. Site design has to pass the “sniff test” – in other words, “Are these people professional and competitive? Is this site top of line, or does it look old and non-competitive?”

Design comes into play from a navigational perspective, too. If it’s pretty but confusing, you’re toast. We pay a lot of attention to navigational best practices, including menus, filters, placement conventions (search better be up in the upper right corner, for example), and obvious next-step calls to action.

Even in this age of already-made templates, the details of the design and the overall look and feel still matter – a lot. We know that, and the work we do reflects it.

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