Influencer Marketing

One great way to attract new customers is to “get out there.” Our expert finds the right opportunities, gets your approval, and then sets it all up. You just need to show up and be brilliant.

You could be a star—at least, in your own industry. Our influencer marketing expert does extensive research to find the right opportunities for you, makes sure you are on board, creates your custom strategy, and then approaches the person who would feature you on their show, blog, or webinar.

This proven outreach strategy is used to generate enthusiasm about your brand and foster strong connections with influencers in your industry. Once the connection is made, our expert will set up all the details, so you know exactly what you need to do and when.

We mostly book clients on podcasts (similar to what you see on Kristin’s speaking page).We like podcasts because they have become so popular—both audio and video versions. More people than ever are listening to podcasts while driving or even working, and we all know that video viewership has exploded. Of course, we also set up participation in events; speaking gigs; article feeds; and original article submissions.

Being interviewed provides a great way for prospective customers to know who you are and what you care about. This then becomes the most important connection—the one you have made with a potential customer. They often almost immediately decide that they want to do business with you (assuming they like who you are), and contact you to make that happen.

As our influencer expert says, “It’s all about the connection. I work with each client individually to create a strategy that is unique to them. I connect with your goals and then scour the ethos for the right opportunities. This is not mass marketing. This is not cookie cutter. This is an intensely focused collaboration strategy that creates positive brand awareness by means of personal connection.”