CRM / Marketing Automation

A lot of companies already have a CRM system. But quite often 1) they’re not using it effectively; 2) it requires too much “custom” coding; 3) no one “owns” it, so it has languished; and 4) it’s not the right system for their size/type of company.

There are a lot of great cloud-based CRM systems out there now. First you have to pick the right one, so it ends up supporting your company instead of weighing it down. Second, you need help setting it up so that it’s not a pain to use and update. Third, someone needs to own it so that it gets the attention it needs, and you can leverage it to the fullest.

Many companies end up depending on tech folks to help them with their CRM or marketing automation system. But not all techs think like business people, taking into account the user’s perspective, the ongoing maintenance burden, and the overall business goals relating to the system. For example, once the CRM or marketing automation system is set up, you shouldn’t have to go to a programmer every time you want to make a simple change. And there will be changes due to new lessons learned and new business requirements. 

We can evaluate your situation and requirements, recommend the best system, get the system set up, train your people to be self-sufficient, and continue to offer support. 

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