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How to Grow Your Company Without Having to Guess

I can’t take credit for this headline. These words came from Vince Warnock, who interviewed me for his “Chasing The Insights” podcast a few weeks ago. Vince and I were delightfully on the same customer-pleasing track. He has some wonderful stories to tell, and yes, some great insights, and a fantastic sense of humor.

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Digital marketing and cybersecurity: A very practical checklist.

Those of us who work in digital marketing deal a lot with confidential information, and we need to do what we can to protect it from the bad guys. But there are other more recent threats that are increasing the importance of cybersecurity. Many recent cybersecurity examples often involve ransomware—where a hacker gets inside of a corporate network and “dwells” there for months, figuring out where the important information resides, and learning how to shut down the company’s network.

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