Social Media Marketing

Social matters – for many good reasons, including SEO. We get you set up and going and going, with the right kinds of messages on the right channels.

Social can bring in customers for B2C retail companies, which can be turned into revenue. Social can also help B2B companies establish themselves as experts in a given area. Social also matters to Google, who sees each post as a relevant backlink to your site.

Social isn’t the end-all, but it is an essential element of a well-rounded, multi-channel marketing program. The first place we start is to determine where you need to appear, and what your posts should be about. Then we set up a comprehensive program that leverages the content we’re writing for you, the products and offers you want to promote, and educational / informative articles and visuals from other sources.

As with all of our services, you will have your own social professional who understands your business, your customers, your technology, your products and services, and your company culture. We will do what is appropriate and most likely to make prospects (and Google) view you in a favorable light.

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