What is “digital marketing management?”

What you really need, and what you have probably gotten in the past, are almost certainly two different things.

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You can buy digital marketing services from several vendors. But you will probably end up frustrated, like so many clients who have come to us after they tried that method. They struggled with:
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Hop on a complimentary call with Kristin Zhivago, President of Zhivago Partners, and pick her brain for 30 minutes.

It’s hard enough to succeed in digital marketing without these barriers standing in your way.

Zhivago Partners brings all your marketing needs under one roof.  From web development, to graphic design and paid advertising, we do it all.

No more teams working in silos.  No more waiting on dozens of different vendor timelines.  No more miscommunications across disparate channels.  No more surprise billings. 

Zhivago Partners has assembled a rockstar team of professionsals who are experts in their field.  They work as a unified team led by Kristen Zhivago, who literally wrote the book on selling the way your customers want to buy. 

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to improve their business processes revenue. Our culture of open and supportive communication is a breath of fresh air for folks looking for transparency and trust in an industry plagued with empty promises.  Clients are involved in the planning process and kept up-to-date every step of along the way. 

Our clients all have their own strengths, systems, and teams. We know we are coming into the middle of their movie, and we can adjust our actions to best support their ongoing efforts, while adding our strengths to the mix.

Take a look at the team that is ready to elevate your business’ digital marketing efforts.

With the support of Zhivago Partners, your business is ready to tackle all those marketing goals that you have been trying to meet.

We follow a 3-step process to ensure your marketing efforts succeed.

Kristin personally interviews your current customers to find out how they discovered your brand and how they prefer to engage with your product or service.  We call this a “Marketing Reality Check.”  Using her method of phone interviews and open-ended questions, she is able to spot the largest trends by the 5th or 7th interview.  She is then able to recommend customer-pleasing, revenue-growth strategy.

Once we understand your buyer’s Mindset (their desires, concerns, and questions), we can work together to craft marketing campaigns that appeal to them immediately, help them understand exactly what you’re selling and how it can help them, and then make it easy for them to buy.

Now it’s time to execute.  Our team of experts will implement the agreed-upon solutions, keeping you and your team updated every step of the way.  Below are some of the ways we can help your business reach more customers and increase revenue.

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Hop on a complimentary call with Kristin Zhivago, President of Zhivago Partners, and pick her brain for 30 minutes, 100% risk-free.
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Kristin Zhivago's book, Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy
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