Proof of Performance

This is the page where we let our performance speak for itself. These are real, recent stats from the dashboards we have created for our clients.

Website Unique Visitors
Company Type: B2B Software
  • Starting Oct 2017 – current
  • Unique Visitors is up overall 83% due to:
  • - Relevant blogs
  • - Pages devoted to each type of product
  • - New, clear messaging
User Behavior
Company Type: B2B Software
  • Entrances (first hit of a session)
  • Starting Oct 2017 – current
  • Up 215%
Keyword Performance
Company Type: B2B Software
  • Graphic shows number of keywords the site is being found for
  • Brand new company with new technology
Organic Unique Visitors
Company Type: B2B Equipment
  • Starting September 2017 – current
  • Unique Visitors increased 21%
Direct Unique Visitors
Company Type: B2B Equipment
  • Direct Unique Visitors starting September 2017 has increased 38%
  • Mostly through their newsletter, which we write (accounts for spikes)
Web Form Unique Visitors
Company Type: B2B Equipment
  • Unique Visitors filling out Contact Us Form
  • Up 69% over last year
Organic Unique Visitors Performance
Company Type: Consumer Luxury
  • SEO only
  • Feb 2018 – current
  • Unique Visitors increased 61%
  • New site launched by current developer in July (accounts for dip - site had to be re-indexed)
Blog Performance
Company Type: Consumer Luxury
  • We started writing blogs for them in March, as part of SEO effort
  • Unique Visitors to blog via organic search increased 71%
Overall Engagement
Company Type: B2B Software
  • We do the research for their blog and recommend topics, plus site maintenance (related to improving their SEO rankings, in addition to usual maintenance)
  • 79% increase over the last two months
SEO Overview
Company Type: B2B Software
  • Recommend articles and do SEO-based site maintenance
  • Ranks keep improving; above graphic shows significant recent uptick
abbey search result
Google Search Ranking
Company Type: Consumer Luxury
  • Client makes natural skin and hair care products
  • This blog article has been so popular that Google turned it into a Featured Snippet
  • We are also appearing as the first organic search result
abbey google results
Google Search Ranking
Company Type: B2B Equipment
  • Concise article describing how to install a server into a rack has been chosen by Google as a Featured Snippet
  • Top position for the phrase, plus the organic result appears right below
  • This article is out-ranking articles written by larger companies, including Oracle and IBM

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