Content Marketing

Kristin Zhivago has trained copywriters all over the world, for companies large and small, including IBM. She and our managing editor – and our professional, client-specific writers – create content that makes it easy for customers to find you and buy from you.

Our clients include B2C retail companies and B2B companies selling complex, high-scrutiny products and services. Kristin Zhivago has personally written more than 15,000 pages of copy and has trained copywriters worldwide. She and her team have built a content machine that consistently generates high-quality, SEO-rich articles that attract and convince potential customers.

Topics are driven by the subjects your customers are currently interested in; subjects that your competitors are writing about that you need to cover in order to compete; and subjects that are popular for your prospects based on the tracking and reporting we do on all content we write. 

Articles are carefully written, reviewed, and optimized, by our managing editor and Kristin, then sent to you for review. Month after month, new posts, pages, emails, and other marketing materials are generated and published, pushing your rankings up steadily each month.

Oh, and since Kristin wrote the book on how customers buy, all content contributes to helping your customers make an informed buying decision in your favor. We make sure we’re always answering the kinds of questions your potential buyers are asking.

Here are some articles we've written for clients: