Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing services provided by Zhivago Partners are customized for your company and persistently carried out.

Account Based Marketing: What Works

Getting through is harder than ever. But it is possible, and it does work.

Account based marketing is complex. It requires a significant amount of planning, cooperation, and persistence. However, it is essential now, in a world where passivity doesn’t pay. It’s not enough to have a site and engage in social media. We also have to reach out to potential customers and make sure they know about us and understand how we can help them. 

We start by making sure we have a deep understanding of your customers, your products and services, and your industry.

Then, we use the most sophisticated tools available to identify the best and most specific target audience for your product or service. We agree on the individuals we have discovered. We then build a campaign for reaching out, giving those prospects a good reason to interact or investigate further, either leading them to a sale or setting up a program to nurture the lead until they are ready to make a purchase.

All of this requires intense cooperation between our team and your team, as it will involve marketing, sales, and systems. And, the approach will involve a number of methods and channels, including:

  • Identifying the target audience using a variety of research tools
  • Creating a campaign, including:
    • Theme, goal, and overall approach
    • Workflow
    • Main messages
    • Various written emails and texts
    • Channels we will use (an appropriate combination of email, phone, texting, ads, landing pages, social posts, articles, downloadables, webinars)
    • Leading the customer to the next step, by either:
      • Clicking through to a landing page and downloading a document or watching a webinar
      • Setting up an appointment with a company leader or a salesperson
      • Engaging in some other way, such as filling out a questionnaire or asking for a quote
      • Retargeting people who have visited the website, inviting them to engage to learn more
    • Working with that customer to help them make the next step in their buying process, or, if they are not ready to make a purchase, adding them to a nurturing campaign that continues to remind them and provide relevant information 
    • Tracking progress and tweaking methods and messages to improve performance

Account based marketing is most often used for business-to-business companies to reach out to their potential customers.

We love doing this kind of work because it leverages our deep experience with sales, marketing campaigns, and effective messaging. We enjoy figuring out how to approach your customers in a way that appeals to them, making them aware of what you can do for them, and then making it easy for them to take the next step.

Because Kristin has had so much experience training and managing salespeople, she can help bring your sales team into this process. We also have a thorough knowledge of CRM systems and campaign tools, so that we leverage all the resources that your team and our team can bring to bear.

We look forward to helping you reach out to new customers in a meaningful and productive manner.