Customer / Market Research

What do your customers really want? (We interview to find out.) How are you doing against your competition? What are your best opportunities?

There is an incredible amount of data out there about your customers and your competition. And you, frankly. You can see how you’re doing and so can your competitors.

But you also need to know what your customers are thinking. You’re not selling to personas. Wouldn’t you be offended, if a perfect stranger came up to you and said, “I know all about you, and you need this!” Personas make assumptions driven by company-centric myths. It’s what they think as they are buying that matters.

Give us a few weeks and some customer contact info, and viewing permission for your Google Analytics, and we will come back to you with a report that sums up where you are when it comes to reaching customers and making it easy for them to buy. We will uncover your strengths – as they are described by the people who have already bought from you – and your weaknesses, which your customers are also conveying to others.

We will also give you a thorough analysis of your current online footprint – as it relates to your customers, Google, and your competitors. This report will put a lot of things into perspective for you; we often find that companies are driven by myths and beliefs that are out of sync with reality, which results in a lot of activity but disappointing results.

The subsequent strategy meeting, where we present our findings, helps you decide what the best next steps are, which can be any combination of things you should be doing, things we could help with, and things that your other vendors can help with.

Armed with this reality, all of your efforts will be more effective.