Your Own Revenue Coach

Only someone who has helped hundreds of CEOs and entrepreneurs grow their companies can get right to the heart of the matter and get you on the right revenue-producing track.

Kristin Zhivago, founder of Zhivago Partners

Kristin Zhivago


Kristin Zhivago has been a “revenue coach” for decades. She knows that every company is different, but she’s also seen patterns that help her quickly identify what the fundamental problem is, and, because of all of her experience solving those problems, knows what to do. That’s one reason you’d want to have your own revenue coach.

But she also uses a very powerful weapon. She personally interviews a representative sample of your satisfied customers before she starts working with you on improvements. “We can then reverse-engineer the successful sales, and start producing them in quantity,” she asserts. But that’s not all these conversational interviews uncover. She also finds out:

  • What you’re doing right and what needs improvement—your current customers know you a lot better than you’d imagine
  • The current barriers to the sale—even customers who have made it through their buying process with your company will reveal the sticking points
  • What happens to customers after the sale, which then determines how they talk about you to others considering purchasing from you
  • What your competitors are doing better
  • What your customers typed into Google in their search for your solution
  • How they feel about your product, services, and people
  • The phrase they all use to describe your company and their experience
  • Their biggest challenges
  • The trends they see in your market

It only takes 5 – 7 conversations with customers of a given type before the insights are firmly established. “These are bankable insights,” Kristin says. “They can be used to create a blueprint for revenue growth.” They also keep clients from going off in non-customer-relevant directions, which is unfortunately quite common without this customer-rich information.

Kristin creates a Conversation Report that contains word-for-word transcriptions of these conversations, and a Summary/Recommendations Report that guides the after-interview meeting with you and your team.

A Sense of Relief

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing specifically how you should proceed, and having the tools with which to move forward. “We know we are always coming into the middle of our client’s marketing movie,” Kristin says. “They have resources, and we have resources. We decide how we are going to combine those assets to create a marketing machine that works.”

The goal, of course, is not only to bring in leads, but for those leads to be “just right.” Kristin and her team of specialists test and tweak until the right combination of message, channels, budget, and ongoing nurturing campaigns are bringing in a steady stream of “closable” leads.

Even from the first conversation, clients are relieved to find someone who wants to help and educate them; has built a solid, smooth-running team and infrastructure; is completely open about all methods being used; wants to work together with the client to achieve the desired result; and consistently comes through with effective and conscientious actions.

An expert on your side

But there is a personal element, too. Being the leader of a company is often a lonely job. It’s difficult to find someone who has “been there, done that” for hundreds of company leaders, and knows the benefits—or negative consequences—of a given approach.

You definitely can’t get this kind of help from the usual digital agency owner. Most agency owners started out as a specialist of some kind, providing SEO services, online ads, graphic design, writing, and so on. Their work experiences are limited.

Kristin is also not one of those ego-driven marketing types; she believes in servant leadership and has dedicated her life to helping others realize their dreams. She has no hidden agenda; she wants only for you and your company to succeed. You will have meaningful and eye-opening conversations with her that lift you up and help you take the next right step with your business. She can speak manager-to-manager with you on any aspect of business leadership.

Her perfect client is a person who has built a successful company but who is struggling to make marketing work as well as the rest of the company. If that’s you, there is a way out, a way to increased revenue and solid success.

“Kristin and her team attend to every possible detail, and provide constant followup and analysis to keep tweaking until we all get it right. They never give up on the goal of marketing perfection.”

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