Who We Work With

We call the company Zhivago Partners because that is what we do – we partner with clients who need our help and people – writers, project managers, digital marketing specialists – who work within our system to give clients what they need to grow.

As Kristin talks about in “What is Digital Marketing, Anyway? It Depends,” every company is different. Your company, customers, products, and services are unique. Just blindly following the crowd or spending money on the latest Shiny Marketing Object is a great way to lose revenue, not make it.

So, this is a partnership. We figure out what you need to increase revenue, then we do our part, you do yours, and revenue starts to move in the right direction.

Because it is a partnership, we are careful about who we work with. Our best clients fit into these categories.

They are helpful.

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who love to help others and those who are only out for themselves. If you fit into the latter category, we’ll figure it out pretty fast, and we’ll decline.

Why? Well, it isn’t fun working with selfish people who make everything too difficult and too unpleasant. It wears everyone out and takes energy away from the helpful clients, unnecessarily.

But there’s also a very practical reason, one tied directly to your revenue. If you love helping others, you will be the kind of company that loves helping customers get what they want.

That means your product or service will be pretty good. That means your customers will be happy with you. It also means it will be a joy to work with you, because when we get your digital marketing on the right track, everything else will work well. You will please those new customers rather than disappointing them.

They are often engineers.

“Engineers” is a pretty broad term, encompassing everything from software developers to mechanical engineers. We love them all. (OK, so there are rare exceptions. Whoever we choose to work with has to pass that “helpful” test. Fortunately, most engineers get into engineering because they see a way to solve a problem, and they figure out how to solve it. So they are basically helpful folks. Then they have a new problem: the marketing people they hire aren’t very logical or systematic, and the marketing doesn’t work. The bulk of our clients have “been there, done that,” and really need our help by the time they come to us.)

Our president, Kristin, was a revenue coach for decades to CEOs, business owners, and managers, many of whom were technical. She and her team here use bleeding-edge techniques and systems with an engineering-like approach. She has even written a book about how you can reverse-engineer your current sales to create new sales in quantity.

Because of Kristin’s deep technical background (she started out in the tech industry and worked in Silicon Valley for years), a lot of our clients sell highly technical, B2B products or services, but we also help our B2C clients achieve steady growth.

Either way, we know how to make marketing work. We will work together with you to make that happen for you.

They have built a business.

We often end up taking on clients who have an established business, but find that success with digital marketing has eluded them. Unlike many in the digital marketing field, we are open and educational about everything we do, so you can do your part in this process, and help us make good decisions.

That’s pretty much it. If you want to talk to Kristin, feel free to book a consultation with her. The first 30 minutes is always free.

“Kristin and her team attend to every possible detail, and provide constant followup and analysis to keep tweaking until we all get it right. They never give up on the goal of marketing perfection.”

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