What You Need to Know About SEO

The Truth About SEO: How Search Engine Marketing Really Works

Is it really possible to get to the top of Google’s search engine page for your keyword phrases overnight? What’s the real truth about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing?

In this no-nonsense guide, revenue coach Kristin Zhivago pulls back the curtain and tells the common-sense, real-life story of how search engine marketing really works. What you can expect, and what you have to do to succeed.

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What You Need to Know About SEO to Manage it Better and Get Better Results

We’ve tested various types of content, and the content that works the best is the content that your prospective buyers find most helpful. Seems perfectly logical, but it takes just the right combination of writers, editors, and customer-centric strategy. SEO can bring in great leads.
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Written by best-selling author and revenue coach, Kristin Zhivago - President and founder of Zhivago Partners

What Kristin reveals in this guide:

  • The kinds of content that zoom up to the top
  • What a true, SEO-services machine really consists of
  • The role that “SEO difficulty” plays in your efforts
  • The three things you must pay most attention to, to succeed
  • The questions your content should answer

Understand SEO So You Can Manage it

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