Go Digital or Die: Your Business Is an App

Date: October 16, 2019
Author: Kristin Zhivago
Banner from the Go Digital or Die Podcast featuring Kristin Zhivago and Frank Zinghini

In today’s digital world, your customers expect you to be open for business all the time. They want to be able to interact, engage, and chat with you, any time day or night. In other words, they want constant availability and accessibility. 

This requires a mindset shift, especially for baby boomer business owners who may be more accustomed to thinking of their business as having set hours of operation. The new requirement is to think of your business as an app—providing ways customers can get answers to questions and even make purchases without ever having to actually speak with you (or any other human on your staff).

In episode 3 of our “Go Digital or Die” webinar series, Applied Visions CEO Frank Zinghini and I dig into a deeper discussion on exactly what it means to think of your business as an app. We discuss such compelling issues as:

  • How customer expectations have changed when it comes to digital transformation.
  • How your customers can become an effective promotional vehicle for your business (or an obstacle to success).


  • The need for an unbiased, yet technically knowledgeable person on your team to provide proper guidance.
  • The importance of having a digital presence (specifically a valuable app) for the valuation of your business.

Watch episode 3, “Your Business Is an App” to hear our thoughts on these and other important topics. 

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