COVID-19: Where We Stand

Dear Friends:

We send our sincere wishes that you, your family, and other loved ones are spared from COVID-19. 

As for our own operations, the pandemic is not affecting our own company much at all, given that we are a completely virtual company. 

Some of our team members are work-at-home moms, and schools are shutting down as I type this. They are handling it with their usual professionalism and enthusiasm. 

Nothing has changed regarding the services we are offering. 

Some of our clients are tied more to the travel and brick-and-mortar retail industries; we are doing everything we can to help them through this, as well as all of our other clients. As with all things marketing, every company is unique, requiring a different approach. 

Personally, my husband and I are working through this as best we can; after three battles with cancer (including lung cancer), Philip is in the high-risk category, so we are being very careful. So far, so good. 

This is a difficult time for all of us; we are fighting a new kind of battle. We are all doing everything we can to help each other come out of this healthy and happy. 

We wish the same for you and yours.

Kristin Zhivago