How well is your website working for you?

  • Does it reflect the true nature of your business now?
  • Does it support your customers’ buying process, so that the second the person arrives at your site, they think, These people know exactly what I’m looking for. Great.
  • Do you sell to more than one type of buyer? Is your site set up so that each buyer can immediately “find themselves” and pursue their unique buying quest? 
  • Does your site look fresh, informative, and modern compared to your competition? 
  • Is it super easy to navigate, with everything obvious to the first-time visitor?
  • Are you obviously addressing their desires and concerns, and answering all of their questions? 
  • Do you have enough useful information that they naturally spend time on your site because the information is helpful?
  • Is your site built using modern technology? 
  • Is the site built so that can changes be easily made?
  • Is your copyright year up to date?

That last one may seem trivial, but when someone comes to your site in the course of their buying process, they are looking for red flags. If your site (and your social) look like no one’s been paying attention, customers lose interest fast. 

A weakness in any of these areas will cause you to lose sales you should have made. We definitely don’t want that to happen!

Here’s how your site will benefit from our approach.

Kristin Zhivago has led the building of many sites, for all types of companies, since the web came into common use in 1994.

She has assembled and manages a team of site designers and developers at Zhivago Partners. These professionals have deep experience with the main site-building platforms, technology, themes, and integration applications.

We can build a site you will be proud of and one that will instantly please prospective customers when they come to it. A site that will make it easy for the customer to find what they’re looking for and buy it.

Here’s how we make sure your site works beautifully for you.

  • Customer interviews and competitive research help us fine-tune the navigation and pages on your site so that your customers can find what they’re looking for quickly and intuitively.
  • We want your site to sell for you, so we pay special attention to the customer’s Mindset when they set out to buy your product or service. Their Mindset when they set out to buy consists of their desires, concerns, and questions. 
  • Interviewing current customers reveals the specific language buyers use to describe their desires, concerns, and questions, which we can then turn into very relevant and convincing content.
  • Customers will recognize themselves when they first come to your site. You will be speaking their language and obviously know what they are looking for and care about. 
  • The customer’s entire journey—from first sight to sale, and ongoing servicing afterward—is mapped out and supported with appropriate content. 
  • Any existing content that can be leveraged, will be leveraged. 
  • During the building process, we will communicate often and make decisions jointly. 
  • After the site is built, we will continue to maintain it carefully. We will perform regular monthly site health checks and plugin updates. 
  • Our site QA expert will check your pages and links every few days. If she finds a problem, she will alert the developer who maintains your site, so that the problem can be fixed right away.
  • All of the ZP site experts, including developers, artists, and writers, are US-based.
  • You will have a writer dedicated to your account. The writer will become as familiar with your products, services, branding, policies, and processes as a company insider. 
  • Your site will be built so that you can easily make content changes yourself, if you wish. Best-practice backend programming will make the more complex changes go more smoothly. 
  • We will help you select the best themes and plugins for your site, to optimize e-commerce, navigation, and integration functions.
  • Using a number of sophisticated cloud-based applications, we can track, analyze, and optimize your web traffic and content. We have created “evergreen” articles for clients that have driven thousands of users to their site and remained in the #1 position in search engine results for years. 
  • Any digital advertising we do for you will include building associated landing pages that successfully meet your conversion goals. 
  • Your site will make it obvious that you understand and can satisfy their desired outcome, are addressing all of their concerns, and answer all of their questions. 

All work is quoted in advance and all work produced is your property.

Site Examples

Randall Beans

The goal here was to update the existing site and turn it into a smooth-running e-commerce site. When we came on board, the home page didn’t make it obvious that you could actually buy the products online. Randall sells pre-cooked beans in glass jars mostly in the Midwest and needed its e-commerce site to attract and sell to customers outside that area. This family-owned company has been in business since the late 1800s.

We set to work with our client, deciding which products would be offered online and how they would be sold. One of the issues was the weight of the full jars; shipping costs were high. The client devised some “value packs”—where the price included the cost of shipping. In addition to adding these packs to the site, we feature them in their social channels. 

We also put a good deal of emphasis on recipes; these beans can be used to conveniently create everything from appetizers to desserts. We feature the latest PDF and printed cookbooks on the site and work with food influencers to build more awareness in all areas of the U.S. Our client is very happy. 

Allsite Construction

This well-established company’s site didn’t effectively showcase all that the company could do for its clients, and it didn’t stand up well when compared to the competition.

The main goal was to visually showcase the equipment that AllSite uses and the type of work that AllSite does. AllSite clients don’t need projects described in detail; they know that part already. They just need to be sure that AllSite is capable of doing the kind of work they need done. 


Believe it or not, there is such a thing as high-tech concrete. It lasts for up to 100 years, is impervious to moisture, and doesn’t need contractors to use steel rebar, which tends to rust and causes the concrete to crack over time.

Cor-Tuf is the exclusive licensed distributor of this Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) developed by the Army Corps of Engineers, and they’ve made it super contractor-friendly. The goal of the latest site updates was to showcase how the concrete can be mixed and transported to the job site using industry-standard ready-mix trucks.
We also created an article about concrete strength for Cor-Tuf that has dominated Google’s search engine results for some years now. It even appears in the AI summary paragraph and the featured content right at the top of the page. This one article alone brings thousands of qualified visitors to their site every month.

We love creating new or updated websites for our clients that check all the boxes for them while making it “just right” for their customers. We continue to improve and update the sites as the client introduces new products and services and we find new ways to beat out competitors. But the real thrill is the “ka-ching” that comes from a great site fed by great marketing.

If all this sounds like a good outcome, feel free to schedule a couple of hours with revenue coach Kristin Zhivago. She has helped hundreds of CEOs and business owners increase revenue and would love to hear your story and discuss some fresh perspectives.

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