A straightforward and successful process.  

In order to sell, you need to be found by the people who want to buy what you sell.

Simple concept, right? Why do so many SEO practitioners shroud the whole thing in mystery?

For starters, it’s an odd exercise. Up until AI came along, Google dominated the SEO landscape with a 90+ market share. Google has its own rules, which it does everything it can to keep secret. Google typically changes its algorithm a couple of times a day. It uses about 200 criteria to determine who gets ranked at the top—or further down.

Google’s goal is to give searchers what they want—to align the results with the intent of the searcher—while at the same time staying constantly ahead of those who want to game the system. That’s why they don’t make their ranking methods public.

Research and experience have taught us how to get clients to rank at the top.

How we get you to the top.


Your content plays a crucial role in addressing your customers’ Mindset when they set out to buy.

You’re selling to people who have familiarity with your type of product or service. They’re looking for information, or they are intent on a quest to make a purchase. 

In both cases, our Mindset-Driven Marketing™ approach drives the content we produce for you. When they set out to buy, their Mindset consists of their desires, concerns, and questions. 

We know what these desires, concerns, and questions are because we start our client relationships with a “Reality Check”—Kristin personally interviews customers who have already bought from you so we can map out and support the buying process of your new customers. 

We also identify and analyze the keyword phrases that your competitors are found for (and receive the most clicks for), in addition to the phrases that you want to be found for. 

We use this information to build your “SEO Persona,” which compiles all this data for you and reveals the keyword phrases that we should include in everything we write for you. 

We then agree on topics that would be relevant and helpful to, and appreciated by, your prospective customers. 


Content (blog articles, newsletter emails, social media posts, YouTube videos, etc.) is crucial in addressing your customers’ Mindset when they set out to buy. 

Your content should also send a consistent message to Google that tells it who you are and how it should rank you. 

We assign a US-based writer to you, who becomes very familiar with your company, competition, products, and services. We agree on the frequency appropriate for your blog articles, social, and other content. 

We make sure that all pages on your site—including blog articles—have Google- and people-pleasing titles (the phrase that appears at the top of a search engine result) and meta descriptions (the sentence that appears under the title).

You (and those who work for you) are the subject matter experts on your products, your services, and your industry. Before the writer starts to write, we often schedule a “rant,” where we interview your subject-matter experts on the chosen topic. 

Your own personal take on a topic helps to differentiate you from your competition, and provides insights to the reader that they won’t see elsewhere. 

Of course, we also do our own research and include references to other sites in the content as appropriate. Google likes it when you link to reputable sources. 

Your SEO team will include an SEO expert, a managing editor, a content publisher, and a social media associate.

No content will be published until you approve it. This ensures that the quality of every piece of content matches your expectations.

What about AI?

We all know that AI is changing everything. And we know that AI can write copy. We’ve used it ourselves to see what AI will say on a specific topic.

But we also know that one thing hasn’t changed. You’re selling to people. People who are searching for solutions have very specific desires, concerns, and questions, and know immediately when content is helpful—or not. 

They really don’t care how the copy is written, but they definitely care if the copy is relevant and helpful to them. And we have found that person-to-person copy, written by humans for humans to read, appeals to buyers more than the more robotic versions. 

When AI started to take off, we knew that Google would be affected, and that search would never be the same. We are now applying our usual rigorous SEO methods to AI-driven search.

No matter how a prospective customer searches for you, there is no substitute for fresh, educational, and well-structured content.  

The result is a steady stream of content that your customers want to read. A single article can bring in literally thousands of visitors to your site, ranking at the top for years. 

We’ve done this for our other clients, and we can do this for you.

An example of evergreen content

One of our clients makes high-tech concrete. We wrote an article about the strength of concrete that is so popular with Google and prospective customers that it has ranked #1 on Google for 5+ years now. Google has even displayed it as a “featured snippet” at the very top of the page when you type in “concrete strength.”

Then, scrolling down slightly, next on the page is the “questions” section, then another listing for the same article.

This is the type of article that results in top-of-page positioning, and stays there for years.

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