Humans writing for humans who want to buy what you’re selling.

The best content attracts the best buyers and gives them what they want in order to make a purchase.

It ranks well in search engines, to the point where one article can literally dominate the top results for years.

Here’s an example. Cor-Tuf sells high-tech concrete (“ultra-high-performance concrete,” or UHPC). We wrote an in-depth, useful article about concrete strength a couple of years ago and have updated it several times. Not only does it continue to dominate search engine results, but it has been selected by Google for the “AI Overview” position at the top of the page:

It also dominates the rest of the search engine results page:

Kristin Zhivago has trained copywriters all over the world for companies of all sizes, including IBM. As president of Zhivago Partners, she has assembled a digital content marketing team that includes a top-notch managing editor and US-based writers who come to know your customers as well as you do.

When we write a blog article, social media post, or site page for you, we are driven by deep competitive SEO research, customer buying journey research, and ongoing testing of concepts via multi-channel marketing, including digital ads and email marketing.

The process of creating marketing content is a smooth-running machine, consisting of the following actions by our team on your behalf:

  • Agree with you on concepts to cover in articles; we always have inspiring brainstorming meetings
  • Add the topics to an efficient content management project system
  • Make sure your writer is well-armed with the customer research we have done for you
  • Schedule a “rant” with you or another subject matter expert in your company
  • Interview your subject matter expert and have the conversation transcribed for the writer
  • Research and analyze other content written on the same subject and decide on the best “positioning” for the article
  • The writer will write the first draft
  • The managing editor will edit the draft. Our managing editor takes an independent eye to each marketing content piece we write, making sure it aligns with the research, hits the right tone, and communicates the right message. Every phrase of every piece deserves quality assurance.
  • Kristin will review the draft with the same approach as the managing editor, but also with an eye to your overall strategic positioning.
  • The managing editor will send the reviewed draft to you for approval
  • Clients often respond with no changes and comments such as “FANTASTIC!” 🙂
  • The content is placed on your site as an article or site page by our site publishing expert, then reviewed again by Kristin before final publishing to make sure every detail is spot on.
  • Content is published
  • The tracking process begins, measuring traffic, length of time spent with the content, etc.
  • Content is sent to site subscribers via email; these emails are also tracked and analyzed
  • Content is socialized and tracked

As the article is being written, we keep you apprised of our progress and contact you immediately if we have questions.

The content we provide is informed by your customers and industry, generated by professionals who understand it, and reviewed by your subject matter experts before your customers see it.

Do we use AI?

Yes, for research. It’s a great way to do a deep dive into SEO phrases, competitive positioning, and market trends.

And yes, AI can generate content. But at this stage in AI development, the content:

  • Pulls content from various sources, which may or may not be accurate
  • Comes across as dry or stiff
  • Does little to distinguish you from your competition (in fact, it reads like content that “anyone” in your market could use)
  • Does not address the very specific “Mindset” of the customer when they set out to buy, on a human-to-human level.

Of course, we are continuously looking for new ways to leverage AI in our work; we are impressed with the AI applications that help us serve our clients in a best-practice manner.

But so far, an experienced marketing content writer dedicated to your content outshines anything a bot can do.

What is your SEO Persona?

Search engines—traditional ones and the more recent AI-driven ones—are your first customers when it comes to marketing content. This is true of the articles and pages on your site, but the principle applies to social, YouTube, and directory content.

Before we start writing a single word for you, in addition to interviewing your customers, we also build an “SEO Persona” for you and with you. This tool documents the keyword words and phrases that your competitors receive clicks for and includes the phrases you wish to be known for.

Your SEO Persona is a custom keyword phrase resource used by the writer dedicated to your account. We update your SEO Persona twice a year or more often, depending on the speed at which your market is evolving.

Your content will work hard for you.

Marketing content that sells is content that speaks directly to your customer’s desires, concerns, and questions.

It gets right to the point, to support every step of your customer’s buying process.

It is not self-important but is courteous, respectful, and educational.

It’s not enough to write and publish content; we also track how it’s performing.

We discuss these findings with you and use this knowledge to make decisions on what type of content we should produce next.

Your content should be sending a steady stream of qualified leads to your company. This is our number one goal.

We would love to put our content machine to work for you. 

A 2-hour discussion with Kristin about your current marketing efforts and how they could be improved will benefit you whether you decide to work with us or not. Click to schedule a Zoom meeting. You will be glad you did. 🙂

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