Email marketing still works. In fact, it can deliver the highest ROI compared to other digital marketing methods, if it is done right. As Agency Analytics says:

In terms of ROI, email marketing tends to have a significantly higher return than other channels, as it’s estimated that email generates $36 for every $1 spent—an astounding 3600% ROI. On the other hand, social media generates an estimated return of $2.80 for every $1 spent.

Of course, your results may be different. Every company is unique. Every company has its own top management making their own decisions about their products, processes, policies, and people. Every company, even those producing similar products or services, attract their own unique customers.

This is why just imitating what others are doing rarely delivers the desired return.

It’s also the reason why Kristin interviews your current customers before we write a single word of copy for you. We uncover their “Mindset” when they set out to buy, which consists of their desires, concerns, and questions. We find out:

  • The specific problem they were trying to solve, and exactly how they describe it
  • Their buying process and why they did what they did.
  • The options they considered, and what they thought of them
  • Why they bought from you, and what they liked or disliked about the buying process
  • Their experience with your product or service—what you do right (and should promote) and what you could do to improve
  • Trends in their market, and their biggest challenges

If you build buyer personas without this information, you may be able to identify characteristics and behaviors of your buyers, but your messages won’t match up with their Mindset (desires, concerns, and questions) when they set out to buy. Your messages will miss the mark.

Our goal—and our method—is designed to “reverse engineer” your successful sales so we can produce more sales in quantity for you. Yes, we use AI in addition to this method. But AI alone won’t reveal their Mindset.

Everyone is trying to automate their marketing, and finding it difficult. Why?

Reason 1: Your buyer’s journey is unique.

Because your company, products, and services are unique, so is the buying journey of those who buy from you. They even buy differently from you than they would a competitor. Their concerns and questions will be different.

If your goal is to make it easy for them to buy your product or service, supporting them at every step of their journey, you need to:

  • Know exactly how and why they bought from you
  • Map out their buying process and their Mindset at each stage
  • Use the correct tools to “meet them where they are” and help them move smoothly to the next step.

When we are buying something for ourselves, we know how easy it is for us to walk away from a particular product or service during our buying process.

We might:

  • Not “see ourselves” when we first come to a company’s website or product listing.
  • Get frustrated when we can’t find an answer to one of our questions or when the answers we find aren’t what we were hoping to find.
  • Decide we are never going to buy from the company because of something the salesperson said—or refused to say. Questions that go unanswered, especially when they are ignored or dismissed by a salesperson, raise a big, red flag. Once trust is lost, the rest of the conversation is suspect.

As you can see, this is a minefield. One wrong step, and the sale will not happen. Getting this right is difficult.

Reason 2: You’re depending heavily on AI.

Many companies are turning to AI to help build personas and campaigns.

AI is a great stalking tool, but defining buyer characteristics and behaviors doesn’t get you into the head of your customer to find out what they were really thinking while buying your product or service.

Reason 3: You’re in the middle of your automation movie.

Every company is in the middle of its own marketing automation technology movie. Which customer relationship management (CRM) system is being used? There are dozens of popular CRM and marketing automation tools.

  • How well—or how inadequately—is the CRM being used? Is customer information stored outside of the system and/or barely used by salespeople?
  • Is there someone working for the company who is the expert in the system, or does the company need help in that area?
  • Does the CRM system capture the source of your leads?
  • Is the CRM system tied to other business systems, such as an ERP or accounting system? This complicates the process.
  • How will the current system help support the unique journey that the company’s buyers take?

These types of problems need to be addressed and solved before a solid marketing automation system gives you a satisfactory return.

How we help you automate your marketing.

First, we analyze and report on what you’re doing now, and the tools we would have at our disposal to create email marketing campaigns. We also bring new tools to the table, such as:

  • A way to identify 30 – 40% of your website visitors and build a series of emails that are sent to them after they visit.
  • Assign a CRM expert to your account, with deep experience in your CRM system. We have found that a system specialist will always deliver better results than a generalist who may or may not be familiar with your system.
  • The customer research results, which help us accurately map out the buying journey and the desires, concerns, and questions of each type of buyer.

How we generate content that delivers results.

We build your customers’ own words and phrases into your content. Anyone in the same position looking for a similar solution will recognize immediately that you “get” who they really are and what they are really looking for. Their concerns will be addressed and their questions will be answered, at every step of their buying process.

We do this for business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies.

How we make sure your solution is top of mind for your potential customers.

If you are selling a product or service with a long sales cycle, your buyer is spending weeks or months considering all the alternatives. This gives you an opportunity to use an automated email campaign to:

  • Mention different aspects of your offerings in a series of emails
  • Introduce new functionality to customers and make announcements
  • Produce testimonials from other satisfied customers
  • Personalize the messages for different types of buyers and bring up concepts that will matter to them
  • Offer discounts or special deals
  • Remind them of certain functions that they may have overlooked
  • Provide new useful and relevant information
  • Provide more in-depth documentation to help them make their buying decision

If you are selling a product or service with a short sales cycle, and you are looking for repeat business, you can:

  • Encourage them to buy again with a special deal
  • Inform them of ingredients or materials that may be very interesting to them
  • Provide new useful and relevant information
  • Encourage them to subscribe to your content
  • List new ways to use the product
  • Publish testimonials
  • Encourage them to revisit your site or a local store to buy again
  • Tell engaging stories about your product or service that may encourage them to buy again

Email marketing can consistently deliver a steady stream of qualified leads for your business if done right.

Our marketing automation experts map out, set up, and then continue to optimize your email marketing campaign designed to attract and convert your best prospects. We devote a professional, US-based writer to your account who becomes totally familiar with your products, services, and customers.

We build campaigns together that support your buyers at every step of their buying journey—before, during, and even after the sale.

We would love to put these successful resources to work for you. Feel free to contact us.

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