What you should be getting from your digital ads agency

We confess. We went through seven digital advertising experts before we hired Jordan. He was definitely a cut above. 

Why so many? It boils down to attitude, really. The majority of online advertising experts want to be left alone and do not enjoy interacting directly with clients. 

It’s easy to see why they get this way; online advertising is dominated by monopolistic channels that have their own rules and policies and secret algorithms, all of which don’t make much sense. 

All online advertising experts understand that if they unknowingly violate one of those rules and end up on the “bad” list, their entire career goes up in smoke. So they want as little “interference” as possible. They also believe that “anyone could do this job if they knew all the rules and followed them,” so they are reluctant to share their knowledge. 

But that’s not how we do it here. Jordan and his team work very closely with the other Zhivago team professionals. Everything we do is transparent; you know what we’re doing and why, and we share our knowledge and experience freely with you. 

Jordan and his team are all up to date with the latest client changes, and they relish the time they spend in regular meetings with clients, discussing all the stats, strategies, and best next steps.

As a business owner himself, Jordan knows your time is valuable. He understands the importance of succinct communication and being ready to dive into the details. 

What it looks like when it’s done right.

Digital ads need to be created and placed correctly, tracked, and optimized so they pay off for you. 

It all starts with the tracking infrastructure, making sure we are prepared to gather and analyze the data correctly. Google programs such as Ads, Analytics, Merchant Center, and Tag Manager are synced up, and results are displayed in your own metrics dashboard.

From there, we proceed to strategic ad placement based on our marketing and SEO research. Click-through rate, impressions, and other metrics start getting logged and sorted into meaningful summaries. Once we have data coming in, our goal is to establish how clicks and interactions are progressing and make revisions to the ads and channels as needed. 

Once we’ve positioned you correctly, you’ll be getting attention from the right types of people who are already hunting for products or services like yours. The ad headlines are in sync with the search terms, our page description, and the underlying content.

Perhaps equally important to the headline is the landing page, where customers end up after clicking on your link.  

The landing page has a significant impact on ad performance, so we ensure the success of your ads by helping you optimize your landing pages. Is it the right page for your customer to arrive at? Is it configured properly based on the ad itself?

We don’t want to disrupt their journey by being too vague or irritate them by asking for the order too soon. The goal is always to make it easy for them to buy, bringing them smoothly to the next logical step in their search for your product or service. 

Conversions and new channels

In the end, conversions are what we’re really after. 

In the business-to-business markets, a conversion could be specific actions a potential buyer takes on your site. If your first-visit-to-sale tracking is set up correctly (it’s not easy, but it is also not impossible), you can track sales to those actions.

How many conversions does each ad generate? Which platforms were best for which ads? What can we do to improve? These are the types of questions we answer with the data.  

Throughout this process, we constantly review the stats and recalibrate accordingly. We may need to change where forms are located on a landing page, introduce a new concept, or sync up more tightly with the buying process. 

Jordan and his team are also constantly researching new sites and platforms where you can place your ads. The landscape changes quickly, especially now that AI has entered the picture.

We don’t want you to stay awake at night wondering where your next lead will come from or to be frustrated by consultants who aren’t communicating. That’s why we make sure you understand exactly what we’re doing and work in tandem with you to achieve your goals. 

We build lead-generation machines for our clients. We live for bringing in a steady stream of qualified leads. And digital advertising is one of the best ways to do that. 

You want a good return on investment. Jordan’s highest ROI record so far is 1259%. 

We’d love to see what Jordan and his team can do for you. 

Online advertising is the fastest, most data-driven way to start selling more. The process we have just described works well for our clients, all of whom are selling solid, competitive products. 

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