You can know what made your customers buy from you and use that info to attract and close more customers. You can know what your competition is doing and the trends in your industry, so you are never blindsided.

Customer Experience Research

In hundreds of companies in dozens of industries, revenue coach Kristin Zhivago would ask the company’s leaders: “What is important to your customers? What drove them to buy from you?” The answer would be a list.

Then Kristin would interview the company’s customers and their list was always different than the company’s list.

In other words, the customer’s desired and actual experience as they set out to buy that company’s products or services was not in sync with the company’s assumptions.

She came to think of this situation as a “gap” between what customers really wanted from the company and what the company thought the customers wanted.

She set out to close that gap, to increase the number of sales each company could make through its marketing efforts.

Buyers won’t tell you what they’re really thinking when they are buying from you, but they will be more than happy to tell you about their desires, concerns, questions, and experiences after they’ve made the purchase. They now have a vested interest in your success, so they are motivated to reveal their thoughts.

Kristin has conducted thousands of customer interviews for hundreds of companies selling all types of products or services, in all industries. ” Her method is documented in her 5-star book, Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy.

She has developed a set of open-ended questions that she asks during audio-only Zoom calls with customers who have already bought from the client company.

Kristin has found that by the 5th or 7th conversation with customers of a given type (you might have several types of buyers), the trends are clear. Customers who have never spoken to each other will even use the exact same phrases to describe their experiences and impressions of the company as they went through their buying process.

In these interviews, Kristin uncovers:

  • What they expected from you and how (and how well) you met those expectations
  • Other companies they considered and what they thought of them
  • The search term they would use if they used a search engine to either find you or see who else provided similar products or services
  • How they feel about your company overall, what they think you do right, and what they think you could improve on
  • Their own challenges in their work
  • Trends they see in their industry
  • The specific terms and phrases they use to describe their desires, concerns, and questions

The conversations are recorded (with the customer’s knowledge), transcribed, and anonymized. The result is a word-for-word Conversation Report that will reveal the realities that we can use to close the gap—and grow your revenue.

We also provide a Summary and Recommendations Report that begins the process of strategizing and building the campaigns that will attract highly qualified leads and increase your sales.

This process doesn’t take long and is worth its weight in gold. It will ensure that all of your marketing messages and expenditures are on target.

Competitive Research

  • We use a variety of tools to determine what your competition is doing and help you benefit from what we learn. We:
  • Analyze your competitor’s websites, techniques, social media marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and more
  • Use AI tools to discover and document what your competitors are doing
  • Spend quite a bit of time researching and analyzing the keyword phrases that are driving traffic to your competitors’ sites and use that information as we build your SEO Persona
  • Discuss all this with you and decide how best to utilize what we have learned as we build your campaigns
  • Provide additional research as needed regarding new announcements, trends that are impacting your industry, and trademark or copyright infringements.

Every client’s needs are different; we can decide together what type of research you need and how we will conduct it.

Industry Research

One of the most compelling and satisfying aspects of AI is its ability to gather and compile data about industries and trends. This information, coupled with internal company and customer experience research, can lead to insights about market opportunities, customer preferences, the success (or failure) of competitive marketing efforts, and more.

Because AI, in its current state, has difficulty distinguishing fact from fiction, we are careful to cross-reference supplied data. We also ask the same question in a different way or practice “drill down” prompting until we are confident of the resulting data.

We also subscribe to resources providing statistical industry information, which can further back up customer and AI research.

All of these research methods and results ensure that you can be confident in the decisions we make jointly about your marketing strategy, techniques, channels, and messaging.

You can ditch the spaghetti.

Marketing has often been described as “throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks.”

We take a different approach.

Yes, once the campaigns are built and running, we do A/B testing and use various optimization techniques to make sure you get the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

But the actual campaigns are not of the “see what sticks” variety because of all the research we do before they are built. Your campaigns are grounded in the customer’s reality, the competitive activity, and over-arching industry trends.

Research done right leads to revenue growth. Find out how you could be generating more revenue, in a 2-hour Zoom conversation with Kristin Zhivago. You will benefit from it whether you hire us or not. 🙂

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