Why is your marketing not as successful as the rest of your business? 

Your marketing should be bringing in a steady stream of highly qualified leads. And it can, if you hire a team that helps you sell the way your customers want to buy. 
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There is only one digital marketing agency run by a revenue coach. 

Kristin Zhivago has spent her entire career building revenue-growth machines for companies of all sizes. She and her team can do it for you.
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The right services for your business, performed by experts in each area.

Out-Rank Your Competition

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Yes, search is changing due to AI. But one thing isn’t changing. The most helpful, relevant content always rises to the top, and can stay there for years. We’ve done that for our clients, and we can do it for you.

Your Site Can Sell For You

Website Design and Development

We design sites that efficiently address your buyer’s desires, concerns, and questions, so that they want to buy from you. We also check your site continually, optimize it, maintain the back end, provide contact information about your visitors , and build campaigns that follow up with those visitors.

One of the Most Effective Ways Of Increasing Sales

Email Marketing / Marketing Automation

It’s possible to reach conversion rates in the double digits when it’s done right. It’s essential to understand and support their buying process. The way to a buyer’s heart is helpfulness, and we know how to do that.

Engaging Social Posts

Social Media Marketing

Social reinforces what you care about to the customers of your B2B company. 


Marketing Content

When buyers are trying to make the right decision, they want content they can use. Content that educates and helps them, meets them where they are, and supports them through their buying process. You will have a top-notch, US-based writer dedicated to your account.

The Fastest Way to Sales

Digital Advertising

When it’s done right—by an entrepreneurial expert who is completely forthcoming about the strategy, ads, landing pages, results, and subsequent optimization actions—digital advertising can quickly start to bring qualified leads into your business.


Influencer Marketing

There are experts in your field with their own followers. We have built an influencer outreach process that is straightforward and very effective. We will find, reach out to, and arrange for your influencers to cover you.

Video That Engages and Sells

Video Production

We all know that video is where it’s at these days, when it comes to communicating with and convincing your buyers. YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google; we make sure that your channel gives your buyers what they need to make a decision in your favor.

Research that pays off

Customer, Competitive, and Industry Research

We use a unique method of customer research to “reverse engineer” your successful sales, so we can create new sales in quantity. We also can conduct market, industry, and competitive research for you using a variety of advanced methods.

Your first conversation with revenue coach Kristin Zhivago will be one of the best consulting calls you’ve ever had.

The 5 Things That Will Make Your Digital Marketing Work

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See what our clients are saying...

"Zhivago Partners is the only part of our company that’s irreplaceable. They understand that in order for marketing to work, the entire company needs to be strong and focused, from management on down. As needed, they’ll put you on the path to victory by amping up what you do well and unmooring the rest from mediocrity, complacency, and indecision. They are no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, and all about getting things done. I’ve simply never encountered another company or founder that is so singularly focused on the success of their customers. Good luck finding another marketing agency that does that."
- Brandon Budd
Vice President, ServerLIFT Corporation
“Zhivago Partners has indeed been a partner with ServerLIFT Corporation.
They have a rare mix of attention to detail as well as the flexibility to react to our ever-changing market. The direct result for us has been a steady growth in sales through marketing. In addition, the value of our brand and products continues to grow while cost of sales has been substantially reduced. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

- Ray Zuckerman

The perfect agency for your market.

Software Applications


Hardware Products

Tech Services


The types of companies we work with best

It’s not so much the industry; Kristin and her team have experience increasing sales for a wide variety of products and services. It’s the size and character of the company. 

We work best for established businesses whose leaders have built a customer-pleasing culture of caring and excellence. Their employees are loyal because the company is well-run and they are well-respected for their good work. Every client who comes to us for help meets these criteria, but has been disappointed in the results of their marketing efforts. They’ve tried different vendors, channels, and methods, all to no avail. 

They need a tightly structured, caring marketing team who can build a revenue-generating machine. Every single person on our team is conscientious, thorough, and honest. We love what we do, and we do it well.
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Real people, real results.
"With three different businesses under one umbrella, we have a lot of moving parts. Kristin and her team keep it all together, and growing, with grace and agility. We couldn’t do it without Zhivago Partners."
- Frank Zinghini
CEO, the Applied Visions companies

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The one thing you need to do before you set AI to work on your marketing.

AI is amazing, but it has a fatal flaw. Find out what it is, and exactly what to do about it, in this mind-blowing guide.

Established companies trust us to manage their marketing.

Our campaigns optimize every stage of your marketing funnel. Identification, outreach, lead generation, interaction, nurturing, conversions, and ongoing repeat sales.
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Here’s your new team — some of the world’s best Data Analysts, Web Developers, Writers, Designers, SEO Wizards, and Project Managers working to achieve your goals.
Kristin Zhivago - Zhivago Partners
President, Revenue Coach
Sandra Ross - Managing Editor - Zhivago Partners
Managing Editor, Tech Projects
Cindy Hull, Operations Manager, Zhivago Partners
Operations Manager
Zhivago Partners - Lindsay Hernandez
Financial Analysis & Internal Processes
Aryn Koepke - Client Success Manger
Client Success Manager
Loreina Klevenski - Social Media - Zhivago Partners
Social Media Manager
Jordan Robarge - Online Advertising - Zhivago Partners
Digital Advertising
Jeff Stafford - Website Developer - Zhivago Partners
Senior Developer
Michelle Weber, SEO, Keyword Research - Zhivago Partners
SEO, Quality Assurance
Louis Mennel - Online Advertising - Zhivago Partners
Campaign Manager
Jacquelyn - ZP Research Assistant
Research Assistant
Mike Mintz, Videographer - Zhivago Partners
Emerald - Zhivago Partners - Graphic Designer-min
Graphic Designer
Kelly Zhivago Partners
Joe - Zhivago Partners
Liza Littlefield- Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Caitlin - Developer
Developer, Designer
Video Production
Daniel - Digital Advertising
Digital Advertising
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Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy

In this one-of-a-kind revenue-growth how-to book, revenue coach Kristin Zhivago lays out the method that she has used to help hundreds of CEOs, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs reverse-engineer their successful sales so they can manufacture new sales in quantity.
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